Duration of the mobility periods

Start and end dates

As a general rule, the mobility starts on the day the grantee enrols in the Host University. This is the day the Host has given in the Arrival Certificate. Mobility period begins from this day and lasts exactly the number of months the grant has been awarded to. The duration of the mobility is calculated from the actual enrolment and departure days, and not e.g. from the day the grantee should have arrived.

When the mobility ends, the Contact Person at the Host University checks the duration of the exchange period. If the actual duration of the mobility is shorter than the grant period, the travel days are included in the mobility period. The mobility period cannot be shorter than the general minimum; For undergraduate and master mobilities the minimum is defined by the academic calendar of the host university, doctorate and post-doctorate mobilities must be at least 6 months and academic staff mobilities at least 1 month.


Minimum durations

There are no exceptions in minimum durations. If the minimum duration of the mobility has not been reached, the grantee is obliged to pay the grant back to the Consortium in full.

For those mobilities that are longer than the general minimum, the duration of mobility should be at least the grant period in months – 1 month + 16 days. E.g. for a grant of 7 months, the duration of mobility should be at least 6 months and 16 days.

If the mobility period does not equal to the grant, the grantee will be requested to pay back the excess grant. E.g. grantee has received grant for 8 months but his/her mobility period is only 7 months and 15 days.

Grantees having a mobility period of 10 months or more and whose host university's tuition fees are compensated by the Consortium with a participation cost, the duration of the exchange period is being calculated more accurately than described above. The duration must be at least 10 months per academic year, not e.g. 9 months and 28 days. If the mobility period is more than 10 months, e.g. 16 months, the total duration depends on the host university's academic calendar. Please see the list of accepted grantees attached to the grant decision or contact your host university to find out whether the participation cost is being charged.


Total duration of the mobility period and exceptions 

As the total exchange period is checked from the travel dates it is essential that the grantee keeps all tickets, receipts, boarding passes etc. safe or sends them to the Coordinator. Please note that this applies also for the airline tickets pre-paid by the Consortium. No last payment or reimbursements of travel tickets are made without the originals. In addition, the original travel documents are needed for Consortium's EU reporting. 

In order to avoid extra costs it is strongly recommended that grantees inform their host and the Coordinator in Turku, mid.admissions[a]utu.fi, at their earliest convenience of all changes concerning their visit at the host university. Please read the Grant Award Agreement (GAA), Annex III, particularly the sections 3, 4, and 8.

In case of early departure, each cancellation of the mobility period will be considered case by case. Awarded grant will be claimed back if the grantee interrupts the mobility period. However, the total sum depends on the grant paid so far and the reasons of cancellation.


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