Grant Payment

Amount and Duration of the Grant

Please see the duration and amount of your grant from your Grant Letter. 

  • Any later arrival or early departure may cause partial or total reimbursement of the grant. 
  • All alterations made on dates must be consulted with the MID Coordinator. 
  • The amount of grant shown is a subsistence cost.
  • In addition to the subsistence cost, travel and insurance costs will be covered. 

Please read Duration of the Exchange Periods.

Upon arrival at Host University

  • Enroll at the Host University. Arrival certificate (Annex V) must be signed and sealed by the Host University. The Host University will send a copy to Turku .
  • Sign two copies of the Grant Award Agreement (GAA), available as Annex III, together with the Host University's contact person. One copy will remain at the Host University, and grantees keep one copy for themselves for further reference. The Host University will send a scanned copy to Turku. When signing the GAA, grantees present the original application enclosures to the Host University's contact person, who examines and confirms the validity of the original enclosures.
  • Open an IBAN bank account if you do not have one already. Fill in the Form for Bank details (ARe-form), Annex VI, electronically and send it to the Coordinator by email (as xls file). 
About bank account: When opening the bank account grantees should check that their name is stated the same way as in their passport for foreign travel.The bank account has to be the grantee's personal one, not e.g. a relative's account. Please note that the grant payment unit at the University of Turku uses SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) payments. In order for the payments to be made successfully your bank should be found on the European SEPA register. Please make sure the form is filled in correctly. Any missing or incorrect information will delay the grant payment.
  • The copies of these above mentioned documents will be sent to the University of Turku by the Host University's contact person.

Payment of the grant

  • The first instalment of the grant will be paid to the grantee's bank account within a few weeks after the filled forms described above have been received by the University of Turku. 
  • The following monthly grants are paid in the end of a month (e.g. the grant for November will arrive in the bank account in the end of October). Due to banking practises, the grant can arrive on the bank account several days after the payment is made.
  • Grantees must be prepared to finance the first weeks on their own.
  • Questions concerning the compulsory costs at the Host University during the first weeks (e.g. housing deposit, first rent) should be directed to the Host University in order to sort them out in the best possible way.
  • MID 3rd Cohort grantees will be paid the monthly subsistence allowance in full, with no deposit payment withheld.

Payments of MID 1st and 2nd Cohort Grantees

For MID 1st and 2nd Cohort grantees the payment process is different. The first two installments are paid in full (unless the staff mobility grant is for one month only). The Consortium reduces 10% of the total grant evenly from remaining monthly payments (see also GAA). This deposit payment is made after the acceptance of your Final Report. See the MID 1st and 2nd Cohort payment table.


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