Erasmus Mundus Partnerships
The theme of the Consortium, Mobilities for Innovation and Development, covers and is strongly related to the priorities and sub-priorities marked in the countries’ Strategy Papers such as:
  • Democratic Development and Good Governance, including public administration and public finance management, the rule of law and judicial reforms, human rights, civil society development and local government and education and intercultural issues related to mobility border management  and migration;
  • Regulatory Reform and Administrative Capacity Building, including trade, investment and social reforms as well as sector-specific policies;
  • Infrastructure Development, including non-nuclear energy, transport, and environment.
The MID mobility scheme consists of 220 grantees. Of these grant holders 75 % represent third countries involved: Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. Partner universities’ students and staff (TG1) represent 68 % of the mobilities: These mobility flows promote interdisciplinary cooperation between partners. Mobility flows create extensive influence on non-mobile students and academics in partner countries and promote the development of joint curricula and even joint degrees.
MID contributes to the development of joint research projects and promotes exchange of experience in educational methods and practises. In addition, organising individual mobilities enhances capacity for multilateral cooperation in university administration. The aim is also to develop recognition of studies and qualifications.
Non-partner university mobilities, target groups 2 and 3, provide the grantees the possibility to increase their intellectual capacity in order to be able to contribute to the development of their reference group. Through these target groups MID increases its effect on the target region societies as a whole.
The MID mobility scheme is based on free mobility. Mobility quotas not being pre-assigned means that applicants in all target groups can apply freely to any European/third-country Partner University of their interest. Free mobility allows the mobilities to be chosen on academic criteria. The thematic expertise of each partner can be fully appreciated and the interests of the applicants served. The Consortium aims at multilateral mobility flows that arise from academic interest.

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