Study and Research Fields Available
On these pages you will find information about the study and research opportunities, specific requirements and study recognition.
 All mobilities within the MID mobility scheme must interlink with the theme of Innovation and Development.
The following study fields are considered to support the theme. If the applicant can justify his/her studies or research interlinking with the theme, the applicant may be considered to some subject fields other than the ones mentioned below.
Some partner universities may limit the acceptance of applications to certain faculties or programmes only, for further information see Study and Research Opportunities.
Please consult the web pages of individual universities to find more detailed information on suitable courses, study programmes or research projects and academic issues. Links to the host universities' websites are available e.g. on the webpage mentioned above.
Agriculture Sciences: e.g. Agriculture; Food Science and Technology; Fisheries; Forestry.
Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning: e.g. Urban Planning; Regional Planning.
Art and Design: e.g. Fine Art; Music and Musicology; Design; History of Art.
Business Studies and Management Sciences: e.g. Business Studies with languages; Business Studies with technology; Accountancy; Financial Management; Tourism, Catering, Hotel Management; Industrial Relations and Personnel Management; Marketing and Sales Management.

Communication and Information Science: e.g. Journalism; Radio/TV Broadcasting; Public Relations, Publicity, Advertising; Library Science; Documentation, Archiving; Museum Studies, Conservation.
Education, Teacher Training: e.g. Teacher Training; Primary Education; Secondary Education; Special Education; Educational Science, Comparative Education; Educational Psychology.
Engineering, Technology: e.g. Mechanical Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Civil Engineering; Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications; Materials Science.

Geography, Geology: e.g. Geography; Environmental Sciences, Ecology; Geology; Soil and Water Sciences; Geodesy, Cartography, Remote Sensing.
Humanities: e.g. Philosophy; Theology; History; Archaeology.

Languages and Philological Sciences: e.g. Modern EC Languages; Linguistics; Translation, Interpretation; Classical Philology; Non EC Languages; Less Widely Taught Languages
Law: Comparative Law, Law with Languages; International Law; Civil Law; Criminal Law, Criminology; Constitutional /Public Law; Public Administration; European Community/EU Law.

Mathematics, Informatics: e.g. Mathematics; Statistics; Informatics, Computer Science.

Medical Sciences: e.g. Medicine; Public Health; Medical Technology.
Natural Sciences: e.g. Biology; Physics; Chemistry; Microbiology, Biotechnology; Nuclear and High Energy Physics; Biochemistry; Astronomy, Astrophysics.

Social Sciences: e.g. Political Science; Sociology; Economics; Psychology and Behavioural Sciences; Social Work; International Relations, European Studies, Area Studies.
Other Areas of Study: e.g. Physical Education, Sport Science.

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