Finnish Doctoral Programme in Oral Sciences (FINDOS-Turku) (4 yrs)

Finnish Doctoral Programme in Oral Sciences (FINDOS-Turku) doctoral candidates are privileged to participate in an excellent Doctoral training program including basic and advanced research courses in oral science, as well as extensive transferable skills offered by the doctoral program, FINDOS network and UTUGS.

The main aim of the The Finnish Doctoral Programme of Oral Sciences is to produce well-planned, supervised and high-level doctoral education in the area of oral sciences. The doctoral programme is aimed at doctoral students conducting studies on dentistry or on a subject related to oral health.

The main research areas of the FINDOS-Turku doctoral programme are biomaterials science; infectious diseases of the oral cavity (HPV research, periodontology, probiotics); and dental anxiety and fear as well as oral health promotion in schools. Both preclinical and clinical research is carried out within the programme. The aim of the programme is to promote exchange of knowledge and ideas, and improve the possibilities for translational dental research. The doctors graduating from the programme are needed as qualified teachers and researchers for the needs of Finnish universities, bio industry and other areas of society.

Doctoral candidates in the programme should have their degree in a relevant field (for example dentistry, medicine, biochemistry, biology, or biomaterials science). When it comes to a doctoral degree in odontology, it is possible to apply for the right to study for doctoral degree already in the undergraduate stage. A person planning to pursue a doctoral degree may begin the theoretical studies already before the completion of licentiate degree. Depending on their basic degree, doctoral candidates will complete either the Doctor of Odontology, Doctor of Medical Science or Doctor of Philosophy degree.

The next call for applications is 30 August - 17 September 2021.

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