Academic Calendar

The Academic Year officially starts 1 August and ends 31 July and it is divided into the two teaching semesters: 

Autumn Semester:  1 September - 31 December

Spring Semester: 1 January - 31 May  

In some faculties both semesters are divided into two teaching periods per semester with an exam week between each period. 

  • Periods I and II are during the Autumn Semester and
  • Periods III and IV during the Spring Semester.
  • Some courses are in session for just one period and some for the whole semester.
  • Exchange students are expected to be present at the University for the whole semester.  

Please note following issues about the semester dates:  

  • All international students should arrive for the Orientation which is held at the beginning of each semester. 
  • All exchange students receive a Letter of Confimation at the end of their exchange period in Turku with the exact arrival and departure dates. Thus, the actual exchange period is not normally following the official semester dates.   
  • Studies at the Faculty of Medicine may start already at the beginning of August.
  • Students have a few week winter break during the Christmas holidays, usually starting on the weekend before Christmas and  lasting until first week of January.
  • In most disciplines there is no summer time teaching available  (June, July)



 Public holidays during the Academic Year 2016-2017


5 November - All Saint's Day (Pyhäinpäivä) 

6 December - Independence Day (Itsenäisyyspäivä) 

25 December - Christmas Day (Joulupäivä) 

26 December - Boxing Day (Tapaninpäivä) 

1 January - New Year's Day (Uudenvuodenpäivä) 

6 January - Epiphany (Loppiainen) 

14 April - Good Friday (Pitkäperjantai) 

16 April - Easter Sunday (Pääsiäispäivä) 

17 April - Easter Monday (2. pääsiäispäivä) 

1 May - May Day (Vappu) 

25 May - Ascension Day (Helatorstai) 

4 June - Whit Sunday (Helluntaipäivä)  

24 June - Midsummer (Juhannuspäivä)​

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