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International Office

The International Office is in charge of coordinating the international affairs at the university level. They support the faculties and departments in international affairs. The International Office coordinates student, staff and teacher mobility and is responsible for exchange programmes and agreements involving mobility.

Departmental Contact Persons

At the departmental level, the Departmental Contact Person or the non-degree programme Coordinator can help you with specific inquiries about course and programme details such as course content, objectives and instructors.

  • Academic matters 
  • Study guidance 
  • Specific questions concerning courses

Specialist for International Affairs at the Student Union

The Secretary for International Affairs is responsible for the support services provided to international students at the Student Union of the University of Turku.

  • Practical matters
  • Starting package

Your Personal Tutor

The personal tutor is a volunteer Finnish student whose responsibility is to help you get adjusted to student and daily life in Turku. The tutor's contact information is sent to you via email after you have been accepted by the University of Turku.

  • Practical matters 
  • Student life

 International Office


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