1. Your home university should be our partner or a member in one of our educational networks.

University of Turku (UTU) accepts exchange students through several different programmes and networks. In most of the programmes, a bilateral agreement must exist between your home university and UTU. For more information about the programmes and networks please see “Partner Universities and Exchange Programmes”. 

NB! Fulbright and CIMO/EDUFI Scholarship holders are also granted an exchange student status.

2. You should be nominated by your home university.

UTU needs a nomination from your home university, stating that you are selected / nominated by your home university to come to UTU as an exchange student. Nominations are done online in a system called SoleMOVE.

3. You need to have some background on the subject

In most cases, the basic requirement for an exchange period is that the applicant is a registered student at an institution of higher education abroad. Some programmes require 2–3 years of studies in the field. All programmes require familiarity with the basic concepts of the disciplines in question.

4. You should have good knowledge of English and/or Finnish

Participants in the programmes taught in English should have a good knowledge of the language. Applicants whose native language is not English should provide documentation of their knowledge of English when applying.

Erasmus Placements

Erasmus Placements do not follow the procedures of the Exchange Students. An intern is considered to be an employee and not a student. Therefore, you will not be receiving a student status nor the student benefits. Students wishing to do their internship at the University of Turku need to independently apply for the internships and arrange with the Faculty/Placement Supervisor the practical matters. 

Visiting Students

If your home university does not have an agreement with UTU or it is not part of the networks, you will not be an eligible exchange student. Please see more information about studying in UTU as a visiting student.



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