Studies at Åbo Akademi University

How to apply 

1. Before the semester starts (during the application process)

  • Check the available courses at ÅAU's website.
  • Add the courses to the Learning Agreement included in the application form -like the courses of the University of Turku.
  • NB! Courses of Business or languages are not available for UTU exchange students.
2. During the semester
  • Fill in an electronic form at
  • Switch into English and choose Enroll to Network courses
  • Select Exchange studies in Turku
  • Choose your home university: University of Turku
  • Sign in with your UTU account
  • Fill in the form. Choose "New application" on the right-hand side. Note that you have to click "save" after each section in the form!
    • Fill in Applicant information. You can choose either Tuntematon – Okänd – Unknown or Ulkomaat – Utlandet – Foreign Countries as your municipality. The Finnish personal identification number (= Finnish ID Code) field is not mandatory for exchange students, but you can give your ID code if you already have it.
    • Fill in Study information - Answer the questions based on the situation with your studies at your home university.
    • Fill in Course application - choose Åbo Akademi under University that organizes the course applied for. Specify the name of the course, course code and ECTS credits. You must add a new field for all courses you want to apply for.
    • Attachments - add your Transcript of Records from your home university.
    • Further information - no further information required in this case unless you want to add something yourself.
  • Send the application: click Confirm sending the application.
  • Your application may have to wait to be processed. You will receive e-mails also about the decisions concerning your application and its status. You may monitor the status of your application also in the Joopas service.
  • Wait for the decision on your study right at ÅAU. ÅAU will send you your student number. Remember to follow possible further instructions from ÅAU's side (e.g. how to register to courses, how to activate your user ID).
In order for you to be accepted, you must fulfill the prerequisites of the programmes and there must be places available in the courses. 

NB! Courses completed at ÅAU are not transferred automatically into UTU's study register Nettiopsu. If you wish to have all your courses on the same transcript, you must apply for the credit transfer from ÅAU to UTU yourself. Please use the Puro credit transfer system for this at

After receiving ÅAU's approval by email you still have to register to the courses online. This can be done by personally visiting ÅAU's ICT Helpdesk for getting a user account and then doing the registration in MinPlan.



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