Cost of living in Finland


  • There are no tuition fees for exchange students coming to the University of Turku under student exchange agreements. 

  • Some degree students pay tuition fees from 2017 onwards. This does not apply to citizens of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland.

  • Membership of the Student Union is 107 €/Academic Year and 53,50 €/one Semester in 2017-2018. The membership fee of the Student Union is obligatory for degree students but voluntary for exchange students. Nevertheless,  it is recommended for all because of the excellent benefits.  

  • The student card costs approx.16€ and can be purchased after paying the Student Union Membership fee.  

  • Books and materials are usually available in the libraries. If copies are handed out by teachers, it might cost a few euros.


  • For non-EU citizens the cost of visa/residence permit varies depending on the home country. More information on the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

  • Residence permits for students are normally granted for one year at a time. Income is investigated in connection with every application. In Finland you must take responsibility for supporting yourself. Make sure that your finances will be sufficient for the entire period of your studies.


Cost of living​​ ​monthly
Student Housing ​ ​285 - 500 Euros
Food​ ​250-300 Euros
Local transportation ​ ​36 Euros
Miscellaneous ​ ​100-200 Euros
Total​ ​600 - 900 Euros



  • The rent for the student housing is about 285-500 €/month. Depending on the housing provider there may be an additional 60 € admission fee (paid only once) and a deposit fee (250€ -500€). The deposit fee will be paid from the home country, and it will be returned to the student at the end of the exchange period.

  • The Starting Package for exchange students is 70 € and includes a 50 € deposit which will be refunded if all the items are returned clean and in good condition. This package contains some useful household items such as plates, cups, curtains, pillow, blanket etc. (This service is optional and only for the members of the Student Union.)

  • Meals cost 2,60 € in student cafeterias with a student card.

  • A bus card (student priced) for the local buses costs 36 €/month.

  • Opening a bank account is  usually free. Other service fees will vary from bank to bank.

  • Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) is for students who have paid the Student Union membership fee. Most services are free of charge (e.g. consultations with a general practitioner and specialists as well as laboratory tests). However, dentist appointments cost 10 € or more, depending on the time needed.

  • The CampusSport fee (optional) for the whole Academic Year 2017-18 is 66 € and 44 € for one semester. 

  • With 10€ you can get from supermarket for example

Milk (1 liter)                 1€
Ham (200g)            2,50€
Bread                          2€
Rice (1kg)                  2€
Eggs (10)                  2,50€

  • A BigMac meal in McDonalds costs around 7€


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