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Finding a place to stay for your exchange period in Turku will require independent effort from you. University of Turku cannot guarantee or arrange housing for students. However, International Office has negotiated with some companies in order to provide housing options for you. We strongly recommend that you are in contact with the companies as soon as possible. These are the options that we recommend for you:

Turku Student Village Foundation (TYS)

TYS has about 150 apartments and shared apartments reserved for the exchange students of University of Turku. All the apartments are furnished and the rent stars from 282€/month (including water, electricity and internet). The rental period needs to be one of the following:

  • Autumn Semester: Beginning of August – end of December
  • Spring Semester: Beginning of January – end of May
  • Academic Year: Beginning of August – end of May

You should apply for housing at least six weeks before the lease begins. For the Spring Semester the application period starts later than usual do to TYS's IT maintenance. Please see their website! You should read your e-mail daily in order to be able to confirm the accommodation offer in time. You can see options for exchange students at TYS's website.
Please see more information about the apartments and application process from



The city of Turku rents apartments for exchange students of University of Turku in the region called Luolavuori.

  • There are 98 small single room apartments with shared showers and kitchen area.
  • All apartments are furnished and the rent is 285 €/month (including water, electricity and internet).
  • After submitting the application you should read your e-mail daily in order to be able to confirm the accommodation offer in time.
  • More information about the Retrodorm housing and for the application form please visit

Apartment from general rental markets

Finding housing for a short period of time from the general rental markets in Turku is difficult especially during August and September. Unfortunately, renting out an apartment for an exchange student is not lucrative option for the apartment owners as the rental period is short. Normally the rental agreements are done for a fixed period of a year and earlier resignation requires a penalty fee to be paid by the tenant.
You can take a look for rental apartments for example from following web-pages. Unfortunately, they do not have information in English: . 

Other options

If you have not found an apartment from options above, you should take a look at the following options. 
Furnished apartments



Groups in Facebook /  -International students looking for appartments in Turku/  -International students looking for appartments in Turku   - group named "Turun omatoiminen asuntovälitys" for renting appartments / rooms /looking for roommates in Turku. 
Intranet Bulletin Board

After your arrival to Turku, after you have picked up your useraname and password, you get an access to UTU Intranet. There is a Bulletin Board, where staff memebers and students can post available appartments or rooms to rent. 


Housing in Pori please check:


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