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Students whose study time will expire 31 December 2017 will receive an e-mail in October 2017 concerning the demarcation.

E-mail will be sent to utu-email in Ocotber (week 40).

  • Additional time is applied from the Faculty by 31 October 2017.
  • Extension (legislative reasons) is applied from the Student Support Services by 30 November 2017.

Instructions and forms can be found on this website.

After receiving additional time or extension for study time, the student has to register with the University.

  • Students whose study time continue from Autumn semester 2017 will receive normal registration information in December (general intructions and registration period for old students). 
  • Students whose study time has ended will receive instructions on re-registration from the Student Support Services after the decision has been made (please note that this may take a few weeks).

Registration period for the Spring Semester 2018 begins on 1 December 2017 and ends 15 January 2018. There is a re-registration fee of €35 for late registration. The fee will be charged during registration period from those who have not registered with the University as attending or non-attending for the autumn semester 2017.


Targeted completion times for degrees at the University of Turku

  • Altogether, the targeted completion time for Bachelor's and Master's degree studies is five academic years. The targeted completion time for students of Psychology, however, is five and a half academic years.
  • The targeted completion time for lower (Bachelor's) degree is three academic years
  • The targeted completion time for higher (Master's) degree is two academic years. The exception to this is the targeted completion time for a Master's degree in Psychology, which is two and a half academic years.
  • The targeted completion time for Licentiate in Medicine is six academic years.
  • The targeted completion time for Licentiate in Dentistry is five and a half academic years for new students starting from 1 August 2011. The time is five years for students who started their studies earlier.

The duration of study rights

A student accepted for Bachelor's and Master's degrees or Licentiate in Medicine or Dentistry has the right to complete the degree two years past the targeted completion time of the degree.

Students accepted only for a Bachelor's degree have the right to complete the degree one year past the targeted completion time.

Students accepted only for a Master's degree have the right to complete the degree two years past the targeted completion time.

Starting point of the studies

The starting point of the studies is considered to be the academic year when the study place has been received.

Time counted for the study time

Rules for study rights that begun spring 2015 or before:
  • Non-attendance for max. four semesters is not counted in the maximum time allowance for the completion of a degree. 
Rules for study rights that begun autumn 2015 or later: 
  • Since the autumn semester 2015 there has been changes to rules for new Bachelor's and Master's Degree students to register as a non-attending student. It is possible to register as non-attending only for specific reasons, please read more from here. Non-attendance for max. two semesters is not counted in the maximum time allowance for the completion of a degree.

A temporary suspension of studies is considered equal to non-attendance as stated in 18c § of the Universities Act.

Registration status as non-attending is not counted once there has been a decision for extension or additional time. 

If the student has neglected registration, the counter will run as if s/he was registered as attending.

If the student's attendance status in the register changes during a semester, the status of the last day of the semester will be decisive.

Should I apply for extension or additional time?

  • If you have any legislative reason for delay, you can apply for extension. The extension is applied from the Student Centre.
  • Even if you do not have those reasons for extension you can apply for additional time for completing your studies from your own faculty.
More information can be found on the right side of this page.

Notification of the remaining study time

Students can also check their situation via Nettiopsu, .
The information can also be obtained from the Student Centre by email (registration [at]


If the study right has been inactivated due to demarcation, it is possible to re-activate it. In these cases, extension may not be applied afterwards, but it is possible to apply for additional time from the Faculty.
The student should submit a personal study plan to the faculty. Instructions on how to write and submit the personal study plan are provided by each faculty on their website. If the personal study plan is approved, the student may continue studying.
When a study right is re-activated, the student may be required to pay a re-registration fee. Information on registration will be sent from the Student Centre after the decision of the Faculty.

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