Registration with the University and Study Rights
This section includes instructions and documents concerning general registration with the University of Turku. It is maintained by the Student Centre Disco.
Information on how to register for courses can be found from the section of the responsible faculty, department or subject. 

It is not possible to register beforehand or afterwards.

  • The autumn semester begins on 1 August and ends on 31 December. The registration period begins in 1 June. Registration for the autumn semester should be done by 31 December.
  • The spring semester begins on 1 Jan and ends on 31 July. The registration period begins in 1 December.Registration for spring semester should be done by 31 July.

Instructions for registration with the University of Turku for the next academic yaer are given annually in June. Please read specific intructions given for each academic year.

  • All students that are currently registered with the University of Turku as attending or non-attending and whose study right is still valid will receive infromation by email to email address.
  • New undergraduate students will receive information from the faculty after being accepted to study at the University of Turku. 
  • New PhD students will receive information from the Student Centre Disco after being accepted to study at the University of Turku. 
  • Non-degree students do not receive separate information. The registration will be done automatically after the acceptance. 


Please note

Attending or non-attending student

Have you missed the registration period?

  • If you miss the registration period, a re-registration fee of €35 will be charged (decree of the Ministry of Education 1082/2009).

Register with the University before you register with a course

  • Only when your registration with the University becomes visible you can register for courses in Nettiopsu. To register for courses beginning in Autumn 2018 you should be registered as attending for the autumn semester.

Student Union membership

  • Student Union membership is compulsory for undergraduate students and voluntary for PhD students. Membership is voluntary for exchange students also.
  • Other students are not eligible to join the Student Union (Universities Act 558/2009, 46§). Therefore students in non-degree or specialisation studies are not allowed to join the Student Union.

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