Supplementary studies after graduating at the University of Turku

The general regulations (Opintojohtosääntö)

A student who has completed a Master's degree at the University of Turku, or a Bachelor's degree whose completion does not entitle to studies leading to a Master's degree, has the right to supplement his/her degree for free during the same academic year and the three (* following academic years after graduation.  

  • From 1 August 2018 the regulation is about to change. The time for supplementary studies will be two years.

For registration please contact Student Centre Disco

There is no registration period for new supplementary studies because new study rights can be issued at any time during the academic year.
For the first registration for supplementary studies please contact the Student Centre Disco preferably by e-mail, disco [at]
Later your registration will be added automatically in the Student Centre Disco within the valid of your study right.
Study time for supplementary studies can be seen in Nettiopsu. After the study time has ended it is possible to apply for non-degree studies

Changes to personal information

Please inform changes in name or address to the university. Changes in address, place of domicile can be done in Nettiopsu. For other changes please inform the Student Centre Disco, disco [at] 
  • PLEASE NOTE! Inform the Student Centre Disco also if you possess a Finnish personal ID number or if you receive a Finnish nationality!



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