Residence Permits
A residence permit must be obtained prior to arrival in Finland!

First residence permit

A residence permit must be obtained prior to arrival in Finland. You can submit your application in a Finnish embassy. Accompanying family members should apply for a residence permit at the same time as the person invited to UTU, even if they arrive in Finland later.

A residence permit is required for a stay of more than 3 months. A non-EU researcher (or lecturer) coming to Finland for research purposes for a maximum of 3 months, may conduct research during the visa´s period of validity or the visa-free period. Non-EU / EEA citizens who have a permanent residence permit in another EU / EEA country have to apply for a residence permit for Finland if the stay exceeds 3 months.

EU / EEA citizens are not required a residence permit in Finland.

Researchers, teachers and doctoral candidates employed by UTU, or the home country university, or those who receive a scholarship from an institution or organization in Finland or abroad, should apply for a Residence Permit for Scientific Research. The application form code is
OLE_TUT and the from is available at the website of Finnish Immigration Service (

In those cases when a doctoral candidate is funding his or her own studies, e.g. by using their own savings, an application should be made for a student residence permit. The student application code is OLE_OPI, Residence Permit Application for Study (


First permit is always for a fixed period, normally for one year. For extension you should first  complete your extensiopn application in Enter Finland e-service, then book an appointment to Raisio service point for proving your identity.

More information:

Finnihs Migration Service

Finnish Migration Service, Raisio service point, street address: Nallinkatu 8, Raisio



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