​"Textbooks and other materials, tools etc. are free of charge in basic education and pupils are offered a free daily meal. In addition, school health care and other welfare services are free to the pupils. All pupils of compulsory school age have the right to guidance and support in learning and other schoolwork as soon as need arises."

- Ministry of Education and Culture


Education in the City of Turku

Everyone living in Finland will receive free basic education provided by the local authority. For further information, see The City of Turku Education Division.

Pre-school education is aimed for children one year before compulsory school education starts. Pre-school education is free of charge. Day care, if needed, is liable to charge.
Children who will turn 7 the year are enrolled for compulsory education.
Basic Education, Grades 1 – 9
The Ministry of Education has accepted the grounds for the basic education curriculum. The Turku City’s municipal basic education curriculum for grades 1-9 is based on those grounds, and all schools in the Turku region follow the curriculum. Basic education is given in the schools of Turku in Finnish at 38 schools, in Swedish at 4 schools and in English at the Turku International School ( In addition to the schools administrated by the City, the University of Turku Normal School and Steiner School also operate in Turku.
Upper Secondary Education
Upper secondary education is given in the schools of Turku in Finnish at 8 schools, in Swedish at Katedralskolan i Åbo and in English at the Turku International School. In the Turku International School, the courses are in English and the exam taken at the end of secondary education is the International Baccalaureate.
In addition to the upper secondary schools administrated by the City, also the University of Turku Normal School and Steiner School operate in Turku.
Vocational Education 
At you can find information on different qualifications and learn about studies in educational institutions in Finland. The service can be used to find different study options and apply for the studies online. The Studyinfo portal is maintained by the Finnish National Board of Education.
Turku International School was founded in 2003 and is primarily aimed for international children living either temporarily or permanently in Turku. Additionally, Finnish children returning home after several years abroad attend this school. Language competence tests are organised by the school for non-native English speakers. This English language test is obligatory.
The school offers grades 1 – 9 in basic education as well as upper secondary education based on International Baccalaureat Diploma Programme. 
For more information and application please contact the Head of School Mr. Vesa Valkila, vesa.valkila(at), tel: + 358 (0)400 523 093.
The International School is located in Varissuo, street address Kraatarinkatu 4.

20014 Turun yliopisto, Finland
Tel. +358 29 450 5000

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