The European Health Insurance Card

 European Health Insurance Card

European Health Insurance Card makes it easier to obtain medical help when travelling within the EU.

EU citizens benefit from an agreement among the 27 member countries – along with Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland – under which they are entitled to social security benefits when working, living or travelling in any of these countries.
This includes being able to access the same health services and benefits provided to nationals of the country they are visiting.
The idea of the European Health Insurance Card is to simplify the transfer of the health insurance of a European citizen to another European country where he/she is residing.  Citizens of the EU/EEA-countries are thus entitled to emergency medical care or to medical care required by a pre-existing health condition at the same costs as permanent residents of Finland. The requirement is that the person is covered by health insurance in his/her home country. You need to look into these matters in your home country.
The health card proves to doctors, hospitals and pharmacies that the visitor is entitled to equal treatment. Depending on the laws of the country they are visiting, healthcare may often be free. And if they have to pay anything, charges will be refunded. Cover also includes care for pregnant women, and the ongoing management of pre-existing or chronic conditions, such as asthma, diabetes or cancer.
Important – the European Health Insurance Card
  • is not an alternative to travel insurance. It does not cover any private healthcare or costs such as a return flight to your home country or lost/stolen property,
  • does not cover your costs if you are travelling for the express purpose of obtaining medical treatment,
  • does not guarantee free services. As each country’s healthcare system is different services that cost nothing at home might not be free in another country.
More information about the European Health Insurance card can be found at

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  • Guide on how to use the European Health Insurance Card in the 28 EU countries, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.
  • Includes general information about the card, emergency phone numbers, covered treatments and costs, how to claim reimbursement and who to contact in case you have lost your card.
  • Available in 24 languages with easy option to switch from one language to another.

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