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Researcher: Please Check and Report Your Publication Information from the Year 2022 by 31st January, 2023


The Library imports publications by the University of Turku researchers to Current Research Information System UTUCRIS around the year from several international and national databases. About 50 % of all publications in the University are harvested in the database imports. At the moment, 4,022 publications from 2022 are validated, which equals approximately 67 % of the annual accumulation.

Over 50 % of the Reported Publications 2019 of the University of Turku Openly Available


The amount of publications authored by University of Turku-affiliated researchers and reported in the yearly publication data collection of the Ministry of Education increased again in 2019. The number exceeded 5900, when the year before it was nearly 5700. The amount of openly available publications kept increasing as well. Especially the number of peer-reviewed publications rose from 2018.