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Musiikintutkimus, nyt! / Musikforskning, nu! / Music research, now!


26.1.2024 at 10.00 - 18.00
Musiikintutkimus, nyt! / Musikforskning, nu! / Music research, now! 26.1.2024 Turun yliopisto / Åbo Universitet / University of Turku Venue: Arcanum, A112 (Arcanuminkuja 1) The 13th annual Music research, now! symposium invites Turku-based researchers from whatever field of study, engaging with...

Online Lectures on Bossa Nova


Associate Professor of music education Bohdan Syroyid Syroyid from the University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain, gives a lecture series on the music genre of bossa nova to the students of musicology and others interested in the topic. The lectures arranged on Fridays in March, April and May can be attended via Zoom.

University of Turku’s 100th Anniversary Work Composed by Mikko Heiniö


Composer, Professor Emeritus of Musicology Mikko Heiniö has composed the anniversary work entitled Syvyyden yllä tuuli (Wind above the Depths) of the University of Turku’s centenary that will be celebrated next year. The composition will be performed for the first time at the University of Turku’s Anniversary Celebration in February 2020.