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Eventful Opening Day Kicked Off the New Academic Year of the University


The Opening Day of the new academic year consisted of the Opening Carnival of the Student Union and the UTU100 Fair of the University organised by the Aura River as well as of the virtual Opening Ceremony in the evening. The Teacher, Course and Language Deed of the Year were awarded at the Opening Carnival where visitors got to learn more about the member organisations of the Student Union. The UTU100 Fair showcased science and research at the University of Turku which is celebrating its 100th anniversary.

University of Turku Celebrated Its 100th Anniversary with Two-Day Festivities


The University of Turku started its 100th Anniversary celebration with the UTU100 Carnival on Thursday, 27 February at the University Hill. The academic community and citizens gathered together to enjoy the evening which was topped off with a laser light show. The festivities continued on Friday, 28 February, with the Anniversary Celebration organised in the Logomo culture centre. The President of the Republic of Finland Sauli Niinistö gave an anniversary speech during the evening and was awarded with the Alum of the Year recognition.

UTU100 Carnival Features Laser Light Show and Blasts from the Past Decades


On Thursday, 27 February, the University of Turku invites staff and students, citizens of Turku, and visitors to celebrate the University’s 100th anniversary. The UTU100 Carnival starts at the square between the Old Academy Building and Turku Cathedral at 6pm, from where the participants continue in a torchlight procession towards the University Hill.

University of Turku 100 Years 2020

The University of Turku celebrated its centenary in 2020. Our motto – From a free people to free science – refers to our University’s unique history.

University of Turku’s 100th Anniversary Work Composed by Mikko Heiniö


Composer, Professor Emeritus of Musicology Mikko Heiniö has composed the anniversary work entitled Syvyyden yllä tuuli (Wind above the Depths) of the University of Turku’s centenary that will be celebrated next year. The composition will be performed for the first time at the University of Turku’s Anniversary Celebration in February 2020.