Lapset nuoret oppiminen nelio

Trainings and services for schools

Our trainings and other services are aimed at teachers and professionals willing to develop their pedagogical skills, to improve students' well-being, or to find new insights into educational leadership. 

World-class education

The Finnish education system has excelled in various international rankings. For several years Finland has been one of the best performing countries in PISA tests, and awarded also e.g. for excellent literacy skills and teaching of future skills.  

The learning outcomes of the Finnish schoolchildren are outstanding. But that is not the whole story. In Finland, efficient learning is combined with the least possible amount of stress. As a result, well-being of students is excellent, and they are motivated to learn.  

Superb teacher training

At the heart of our success are highly trained teachers. Teacher profession in Finland is respected and sough-after, leading to motivated teachers with excellent skills for supporting students’ learning. An important part of teacher training in Finland are teacher training schools, where students get to practice their pedagogical skills in the supervision of mentoring teachers. Thus, when graduated, they already have a wide experience of teacher profession. 

Stop to bullying

One of our flagship products is KiVa School, an antibullying program with proven track record. KiVa programme provides teachers with tools for preventing bullying, intervening in possible bullying incidents as well as monitoring the situation. KiVa is based on research carried out at the University of Turku, and the programme is currently used in over 15 countries around the world.