Reserving general e-exam in Exam -system
The teacher responsible for the exam has defined when it can be taken. In the exam service exam room booking system you can reserve a time on a computer that is available. You can reserve the exam 30 days before the exam at the earliest.
Links to Electronic Exam Reservations added to Student's Nettiopsu. If the general exam is available in the Exam -system, you can find exam the list of links from Examinations section. You can reserve a time for the exam in the Electronic Exam Service. The reservations you have made in Electronic Exam Service will not be shown in Nettiopsu.

Student´s Nettiopsu: you can find the list of links from Examinations section. Log in to the service with your university username and password.

  • first choose electronic exams and then faculty, department and subject. In the list you can see the course code, name of the course and time of the exam


When you click the time of the exam you will move to Electronic Exam Service  (Exam - system) where you can make the actual reservation.

Exam -system:  Sign up with your UTU account

You can change the language to English from a dropdown menu before login or after sign up you can press on the left side EN

After signing up, you can see the exam name in “Exam Dashboard”> select  “Book an exam time”

Select first e-exam room:



  • Calendar shows you the available times in this e-exam room. Calendar shows you the available times  . Days that include free exam slots are visualized with green colour. Gray times are fully booked and white days e-examrooms are closed or days are not included in the exam period.

  • Book a vacant exam time: Choose a suitable time from all the available time slots in the booking calender  and select “Confirm exam time”


A confirmation message is sent to your email with the information about the exam time and computer reserved for you. Pay attention to the number of the computer (e.g. “exam-ag-14”), this is the computer you must use. 


You can change or cancel your reservation before your exam takes place:

Please check your reservations and cancel/move them in  

Please cancel your reservation on time so that others can use it!


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