Activating a new user account

​You may activate your new account at using the browser Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

If your account activation with online banking credentials is not possible for any reason you need to visit on the IT service desk to activate your account.

  • Please bring your ID card, driving license, passport or social security card (Kela-kortti) with picture. Student card is not enough. Under no circumstances can we give new account passwords over phone or email.

At the login page, click on the link “Activate your account. Log in with online banking credentials”.

idm-main.png identification includes mobile authentication and banking credentials authentication.

Select the authentication method and follow instructions.
Click on the logo of your bank. Login as instructed by your bank. Similarly, follow the instructions from your Mobile Service Provider to identify yourself with a mobile certificate or with identification card.

With a successful login, the system confirms your identification. Click on "Return to the service" (Palaa palveluntarjoajan sivulle) to return to UTU service page. 

At first you will be presented with a page where you see you personal information.

  • Check that the information is correct. If there is any false information, cancel activation and be in contact to Student Services in case you are student or Human Resources in case you have working contract or IT Services in case you don't belong either group and you have account to activate.
  • In picture:
    • Etunimet = First names
    • Sukunimi = Surname
    • Henkilötunnus = Identification number
    • Uusi käyttäjätunnuksesi = New account name
    • Seuraava = Next

Click Next to continue.

On the next page you have to select your calling name (one of your official names).

  • Selected calling name affects to e-mail address based on full name ( for students or for personnel or equivalent).
  • You can ask help from IT service ( if you later need to change calling name.
  • If there is need to change e-mail address based on full name, this can be done by IT service later by your request.
  • In picture: Valitse kutsumanimesi = Select calling name

Click Next to continue.

On the next page you will be presented with a summary of our IT rules and basic agreements. Please, read these (more at web page and accept (mark the box) and click Next (Seuraava at picture)

On the next page you define the password that is valid for next 6 month (190 days exaclty) or till it will be changed before that.

  • Make your own password and put it to the both fields
  • This password will work e.g. to the login in the computer of the University of Turku, your e-mail and protected web pages or mobile network (WiFi: Eduroan)
  • The pasword form is on the top of the page
  • In picture
    • ​Uusi salasana = New password
    • Vahvista uusi salasana = Retype the new password

Finally you will get information when your account is successully activated. There is small delay (about 5 min) to activate the password for the all services
  • In picture green text: "User account​ activation succeded.

When faced with a problem regarding accounts, send an e-mail to​


20014 Turun yliopisto, Finland
Tel. +358 29 450 5000

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