Wireless networks

Edur​oam ‒ for personal devices

Eduroam is an international university network, in which students and staff can join with their own academic user IDs in a number of universities around the world.

Eduroam is fast and reaches the wired networks speed rates. The network is reliable and secure, because eduroam wireless traffic is encrypted.

You can sign in eduroam using your own UTU account (account@utu.fi) and password. Eduroam has the advantage that there is no need to log into the network every time, but most laptops and smartphones are automatically connected after the first login.

With Andorid devices you need to configure the settings before joing to eduroam for the first login.

UTU Staff ‒ for staff's Windows computers

UTU Staff is an internal wireless and closed university’s network in which the staff of registered Windows workstations are joined automatically. This network for University of Turku gives the possibility to access to internal network also from lecture rooms and conference rooms.

UTU Staff works as a virtual fixed network: you can surf on internet or university’s intranet, print to network printers and get access to your personal network folder. With your own personal computer, however, you can’t join UTU Staff network.

UTU Staff wireless network is as secure and fast as the typical wired network.

UTU Visitor ‒ open network for visitors

UTU visitor is a dedicated open network for university's visitors. The network is reliable and safe and can be assimilated to the eduroam network.

You can login to this network via portal webpage and the permission is valid for a certain period, after which a new login is required.

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