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All visiting should be agreed beforehand, please contact
to book accommodation and meals at the station.
The station is open year-round, but full-board meals (Mon-Fri) will be offered only during the main field season (from May to September), except for larger groups. Accommodation is mainly arranged in 2-4 person rooms.
See the Price list as well as reservartion terms and conditions here.

To discuss your requirements and arrangements for research and courses (facilities, transportation, equipment, assistance) please contact

Research permits for the Kevo Strict Nature Reserve

The research station is situated next to the Kevo Strict Nature Reserve (see the map below). Inside the strict nature reserve, visitors are allowed to move only on marked trails. Research permits need to be applied from the Metsähallitus. Please note that assessing the applications takes about 2 months.

Access to the station

The station is located close to a main road and can be reached by car (street address: Kevontie 470, Utsjoki).

Access to the station is across Lake Kevojärvi (250 m, in summer by boat and in winter over the ice) or via a small road (Kevontie, 5 km).

The closest airport in Finland is in Ivalo with a bus connection from Ivalo to Kevo (c. 150 km). There are also airports in Norway at about the same distance (Lakselv, Vadsø, Kirkenes).

Alternatively, a train connection exists from southern Finland to Rovaniemi followed by a bus trip via Ivalo to Kevo (450 km).  


 Station at Kevonniemi (Strict Nature Reserve, red area)


Station area



Please contact for more information.