MarEng Plus
All of the MarEng Plus material is English-English and is based on language used in actual situations on board ships, in ports and elsewhere in the shipping chain. The material will not only widen the overall user group but also motivate to learn maritime English in different levels.
Order the Cd-Rom or get more information from the Project Coordinators:
Sari Nyroos,, tel. +358 (0)2 333 8184, mobile +358 40 7799 493
Anne E. Suominen,, tel. +358 (0)2 333 8185, mobile +358 40 7799 494
PLEASE NOTE: All MarEng Plus Cd-Roms are identical and they can be used as a single user and a network version. This applies no matter what is printed on the Cd-Rom or the Cd-Rom case.

MarEng Plus - developing the Maritime English Learning Tool

In the MarEng Plus project the partner organisations from several different European countries produced new sections into an earlier developed web based Maritime English Learning Tool MarEng.

Project partners

The partner group consisted of a wide variety of maritime institutions, and involved in the project were education and maritime experts such as English teachers, researchers, training managers, seafaring professionals and representatives of the maritime industry. MarEng Plus was partially financed by the Leonardo daVinci programme of the European Union.
The project started in October 2008 and ended in November 2010. The dissemination seminar was held on 23rd of Sep 2010 in Rauma, Finland.

What's new in MarEng Plus

The original MarEng Learning Tool consists of intermediate and advanced level learning material on different maritime topics. Based on the feedback by different user groups all over the world, the usability of the original Tool has been improved. As a result of the MarEng Plus project, two new topics, Maritime Security and The Marine Environment, as well as elementary level learning material, a Teacher's manual and a mobile phone application of the glossary, have been added in the Tool.

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MarEng Plus Learning Tool
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Mobile Phone Glossary

Instructions for Mobile Phone Glossary


What's new in MarEng Plus

New user group:
* Elementary level

New topics:
* Maritime Security
* The Maritime Environment

Teacher's manual
* Covers all topics and levels

New learning environment
* Mobile phone glossary