​MarEngPlus - A Summary of the Project

The web-based maritime English learning tool MarEng was finished in the spring 2007 as a result of a transnational Leonardo da Vinci project MarEng. During the first year of its existence different user groups (e.g. maritime students and workers) all over the world have taken the learning tool into wide use.

New material under the themes of transport and environment

Based on the feedback received the tool is missing some relevant content. All over the world more attention is given to issues related to security and the environment and the same goes with maritime sector. Therefore the new MarEng Plus project will work to create new material under the themes of transport security and the environment.

Creating elementary level and teacher’s manual

The feedback has also revealed that the lower level English learners are in the need of a (beginner)elementary’s level as the MarEng learning tool currently consists of only intermediate and advanced levels. Teachers using the MarEng tool see that their teaching process could be made more efficient by creating a teacher’s manual. Therefore, creating of elementary level and a teacher’s manual will be a part of the project. 

Mobile learning environment

As the maritime workers in particular are very mobile, it is also appropriate to find solutions to transfer the MarEng learning tool into the mobile learning environment. Therefore the project will transfer the MarEng maritime glossary into a form that can be utilised in a mobile phone even if the phone is out of network connection. All the project activities will be performed by a partner group that represents several European Union countries some of the partners being the same as in the previous MarEng project. Partners’ wide background in shipping industry and maritime English teaching gives a strong basis for the project success.
The MarEng Plus project foresees a strong and wide impact by disseminating the MarEng learning tool all over the world to all different kinds of users. As a result of the project the MarEng learning tool will be transferred to new user groups and geographical areas. The new material will not only widen the overall user group but also motivate lower level learners to learn maritime English. In addition, the new partners in the project will gain project work knowledge and experience the process of creating a language learning tool in a cooperation project.

Background of the MarEng learning tool

The MarEng learning tool was completed in spring 2007 as a result of an international MarEng project. During the project the preconception was strengthened about the need for the maritime field to receive tools in order to improve the knowledge of English language of their employees. This is the reason why it is rational to improve the learning tool for the use of as many people as possible.
Especially the new member states of the European Union require assistance and support in developing their national economies to the level required by the EU. Special knowledge for operating in the European common labour market is needed especially in seafaring, where the official and widely used working language is English. The extended glossary and the manuals will assist the above mentioned target groups in adapting and utilizing of MarEng learning material.
In addition, the increasing co-operation between the EU and its surrounding areas will create the need for the improved knowledge of English among the countries of different linguistic backgrounds. In the future there will be most likely an increasing number of people working in the maritime field and having such language as Arabic or Chinese as their mother tongues. These people will need English language in their maritime professions.
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. The content of this project does not necessarily reflect the position of the European Community or the National Agency, nor does it involve any responsibility on their part.