Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the MarEng Plus material in addition or instead of the original MarEng material?

MarEng Plus is IN ADDITION to the original MarEng. Here is a list of what’s new in MarEng Plus:

  • A completely new elementary level. To clarify, the original MarEng only consisted of intermediate and advanced levels.
  • New topics: Maritime Security and The Maritime Environment (the material for these topics consists of all levels, elementary, intermediate and advanced)
  • Teacher's manual, which covers all topics and levels.
  • Extended glossary, which also covers the new topics of Maritime Security and The Maritime Environment.
  • A mobile phone application of the glossary. The extended glossary can be used in a mobile phone by using the new application. Directions can be found here

2. Where can I get the original MarEng material?

You can download it at

The original MarEng was created in 2008 and the additions to this material were created in 2010 as part of the MarEng Plus.
3. How can I access the Glossary while doing the exercises?

Glossary can be opened only from the main menu of the MarEng Plus. Therefore, you should open the glossary before you start doing any of the exercises.

4. Where can I find the answers for the original MarEng exercises?

You can get the answers from the new Teacher’s manual. Teacher’s manual consists of:

  • An Answer Key for the whole MarEng learning material (original MarEng and MarEng Plus exercises)
  • Lesson Plan Aid for the whole MarEng learning material (original MarEng and MarEng Plus exercises)
  • Tips & Hints for using the whole MarEng learning material (original MarEng and MarEng Plus exercises)

5. Can I use MarEng Plus on Mac computers?

Yes you can. MarEng Plus is a Flash application. Flash Player is available for all major operating systems: Windows, Mac OS (Mac OS X 10.1 and newer) and Linux/Solaris systems (any modern version). System requirements are available for viewing in the following address:

Installing Flash Player on these systems is a simple procedure that requires administrator level access to the system. Simply go to the address and it will automatically suggest the correct download. After downloading, the installation is completed as with any other program.

Note on Mac OS: Our programs are mostly tested on Flash Player 10 but only version 9 will be available prior Mac OS 10.4 Note on Linux/Solaris: On Linux or Solaris the Flash Player is normally available for installation from the operating system's own application manager (varies between distribution versions), but it is also available for download at the same URL as the Mac OS version. The page should, again, suggest the most appropriate version, but might require you to select between different installation packages. Anyone with knowledge of Linux systems should be able to select the correct package and install it in the usual way.

Note on original MarEng: The original MarEng is a native windows application, so it will not run on Mac OS or Linux without additional programs (such as Wine, which emulates Windows on Linux), and even with such programs, we cannot guarantee the quality will be the same on these operating systems.