Education and workshops are arranged for port community enterprises. The ports of Turku and HaminaKotka will pilot the mapping, analysis and eventual opening of port infrastructure data. The content, technical framework and limitations (e.g. legal) for opened data are elaborated. The project will also promote the cooperation between Finnish Transport Agency and port related open data within the context of the whole transport system.

A server and data catalogue are established for the pilot ports for opening of the data. Finally, a hackathon is arranged to speed up the creation of innovations based on opened port and other data sources (e.g. Finnish Transport Agency open data). In the event data experts, application developers and port professionals are teamed up for developing new and innovative solutions based on open data.

Furthermore, the impacts of digitalization for the future of the port business are screened by producing different future scenarios. Besides the innovations anticipated in port activities the implications of developments in the whole maritime cluster are analysed (e.g. autonomous vessels).

Contact information:
Reima Helminen
Senior Researcher
tel. +358 40 580 2411

Project web site at Merikotka (in Finnish): DigiPort