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The CARING project “Cargo securing to prevent cargo damages on road, sea, rail and air” aims to tackle this problem by creating up-to-date learning material, namely Presentation Material, a Teacher’s Manual and a Student Book. For road transports, only a few European countries have national regulations or standards on cargo securing. The typical criteria in the rest of the European countries are that “the cargo should not be able to fall off”. Thus, the European Best Practice Guideline on Cargo Securing for Road Transports has been developed in order to better guide the European transportations. This document points to two different sources: IMO / ILO / UN ECE Guidelines and EN 12195-1 (revised in 2010). The learning material will be based on these two sources in addition to the suitable regulations of air transportations. The material will also point out the exemptions of these rules in a few European countries (e.g. major transportation hub Germany).

CARING project will also produce other instructive material such as translations from Swedish to English, Finnish, Italian and German of a “Quick Lashing Guide for Road Transportations, based on EN 12195-1:2010”, an excel based Cargo Calculator for determining sufficient cargo lashing and an Online Survey on the know-how and attitudes of people working with cargo securing issues in Europe. The project products will be based on existing innovations, which will be transferred to the project and updated or modified as necessary.

Majority of the project partners are highly experienced in the field of cargo securing. Namely, the project group consists of vocational education providers and experts in the field of cargo securing of different transport modes working for companies or authorities in the transport industry in Finland, Germany, Italy and Sweden. As a result of the project, the co-operation between different transport modes and partner countries will be increased and the know-how of each transport sector will be transferred. The project actions are likely to improve the quality of cargo securing and the safety of people in the partner countries by the upgrade of instructive material available in native languages.

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CARING is partially financed by the Leonardo da Vinci programme of the European Union.

In Finland the Centre for International Mobility CIMO administers and is responsible for implementing the Leonardo da Vinci Programme.The content of this project does not necessarily reflect the position of the European Community or the National Agency, nor does it involve any responsibility on their part.