Clean shipping economics – the new paradigm?

”Clean shipping economics – shipping under new paradigm” (CHIP) project analyses sustainability and corporate social responsibility in the maritime transport industry from technological, safety and regulatory perspectives. Theoretically the research is based on multidisciplinary approach combining technical and management studies with political science, human geography and legal studies. The specific research questions asked include:

  • How do shipping companies and other maritime actors apply the concept of CSR? What does the concept of CSR mean especially in the context of maritime safety and piloting?

  • How can companies adapt to a new era in shipping with more pronounced emphasis on sustainability and stricter environmental regulations? What are the expected technologies enabling future emission reduction and how ship owners make decisions regarding this technology?

  • What does the new shipping paradigm mean in terms of regulation and governance? How do the new forms of governance (multi-level and polycentric forms of governance) change regulation of maritime transport in the Baltic Sea region? How does voluntary self-regulation, such as CSR, fit into existing maritime regulatory framework?

The research project is financed by Academy of Finland (grant 257968),  and it is conducted between 1.9.2012 – 31.8.2016. The total budget of the project is 594 683€.

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