Shortsea Promotion Centre Finland
SPC Finland’s activities support Finland's national transport policy and its aims and competitiveness in terms of logistics. SPC Finland’s activities also support the implementation of sustainable, energy efficient and environmentally oriented transport systems in Finland.

The European Union aims to promote the intermodality and interoperability of transport (co-modality). SPC Finland follows the EU’s definition of intermodality. According to the EU definition, intermodality in freight transport means transporting the cargo door-to-door using two or more transport modes, the functionality, efficiency and integration between the transport modes are of a high level. Usually, the transport package is the same. Promotion emphasises door-to-door transport of unitized cargo. Feeder transport is included in the promotion activities.

SPC Finland's activities are
  • A forum in the transport chain. Increasing interaction between transport modes and a channel of influence towards decision makers. SPC Finland provides information on EU transport policy in particular and also arranges seminars and workshops.
  • Reports and studies for decision makers. SPC Finland provides information on intermodal transport solutions.
  • Identification of bottlenecks and their solutions in the field of logistics. SPC Finland participates in work of the focal points for freight transport logistics.
  • Co-operation with Finnish Customs regarding the efficiency of intermodal transport.
  • Influence at the international level and networking, especially via the network of promotion centres, the European Shortsea Network.
  • Information dissemination on research and development in the field of transport.
  • Participation in the development of freight transport IT solutions.
  • Acting as a contact point for the Marco Polo II programme.