Research Services

Vice Dean
Risto Rinne
room 328
tel. +358 40 724 8911   

  • Development of research and postgraduate studiesevelopment of research and postgraduate studies
  • Enhancing research cooperation, the development of feedback system in research and assessment, supervising the assessment work
  • The chair of research and postgraduate board
Head of Research Affairs
Kirsi Klemelä
room 423
tel. +358 29 450 3687
  • Research project related services in the Faculty (e.g. informing and guiding in the application process)
  • Collecting the assessment and follow-up information in research
  • Preparing and following the affirmative decisions regarding the allowances and scholarships

Research and Postgraduate Education Officer
Anne Tuittu
room 424
tel. +358 29 450 3685

  • Study guidance of the doctoral candidates and applicants, planning and coordinating doctoral studies, study credits, informing
  • Planning and preparation work of the research activities

Sanna Niukko
room 424
tel. +358 29 450 3683

  • Planning and developing KEVEKO and OPPI doctoral programmes together with the boards of the doctoral programmes
  • Annual raporting of the doctoral candidates
  • Planning, developing and coordinating KASVA network 

Research Coordinator
Tarita Riikonen
room 367
tel. +358 29 450 3676

  • Development of  the research activities at CELE and the Department of Education
  • Administration tasks in research projects dministration tasks in research projects 
  • Organization and coordination tasks at CELE