Research Cooperation

Within the University of Turku, the Faculty of Education is in close cooperation with the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Humanities and Turku Institute for Child and Youth Research (Cyri). The researchers of the Faculty of Education cooperate also with researchers  from other Finnish universities.

The research and project groups of the Faculty of Education have wide cooperation networks with highly esteemed international research groups. The Department of Teacher Education cooperates for instance with LinCS, the Centre of Excellence in the University of Gothenburg, Stanford Center for Innovations in Learning, SCIL and the Learning in Informal and Formal Environments Center (LIFE) of the University of Washington. The Department of Education has intensive international research cooperation for example with the universities in Gothenburg, Oxford, Edinburgh and Reykjavik. Highly distinguished international professors are working at the departments of the Faculty of Education via the visiting professor system.

Cooperation with the public, private and third sector covers for example research projects in education and schooling as well as local research and development projects. The researchers have also tasks requiring expertise in society. The departments and centres fulfil their service function at the university and in the society at large by offering for example educational technology services and clinical services in learning difficulties.