Services and cooperation
Teacher education at the Faculty of Education, University of Turku, is an advanced combination of theory and practice. Future teachers are provided high-quality education based on the latest research in the field. What is learned in various research projects is also used in teacher training.
Education and research being so closely intertwined is reflected for example in the organization of the teaching practice: it is carried out in interaction and parallel with the studies in pedagogics and teaching subjects. Teacher students can test how theories work in practice at the Teacher Training Schools under the supervision of a university lecturer and a teacher of the Teacher Training School. This enables the immediate application of educational and didactical theories and know-how in practice and paves the way for becoming a true professional in teaching.
Today’s learning society and the global information society have generated a greater need for education and educational research than ever before. Traditional school disciplines are not disappearing, but the nature of knowing has to be reinterpreted. Teacher has to master the underlying principles of learning, teaching and the process of knowledge creation in order to make the best use of for instance the latest technology and applications in the classroom. Technical environments and intervention programs developed at the University of Turku bring classrooms to everyday life and back.

Educational visits

  • updating pedagogical knowledge
  • problem based learning 

In-service Training for Teachers and Expert Trainings abroad

  • introduction to Finnish basic education and teacher education
  • latest developments in subject didactics
  • organization of teaching practice
  • updating pedagogical knowledge
  • problem based learning
  • action learning methods
  • learner centered pedagogy
  • use of different media in education


  • organization of teaching practice
  • curriculum design
  • school management


The Faculty of Education proudly welcomes all interested researchers, teachers administrators and other collaborators to visit our Faculty, Departments and Teacher Training Schools!