Finnish-German Master Programme in Education experiences in Bavaria
​I studied in Regensburg during summer semester 2014 as part of the Finnish-German Master Programme in Education. I originally applied to the Double Degree option because of the competitive edge having two masters degrees will give me while searching for jobs.  While I still see that as an advantage to the program, there were numerous other reasons I'm glad I made that choice. 

My semester in Regensburg gave me the opportunity to see first hand another country's system of education. Studying with our German counterparts allowed us to integrate both academically and socially into the community.  Classes were well organized and enjoyable, and there was plenty of opportunity to take additional classes if we wanted (I took German and Finnish classes while I was there and even had the opportunity to act in a German-language play with an international student theater group).

Beyond academic opportunity, Germany was a fantastic place to live.  Inexpensive group train tickets saw us traveling throughout Bavaria and beyond on the weekends.  Hiking in the Alps, watching a world cup match on a giant screen by the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, and picnic excursions to castle ruins were some highlights from my semester.  Germany's central location in Europe also makes international travel cheaper and easier than from Finland. 

Regensburg itself is a fairytale city.  I loved exploring the streets of the old town, charming narrow alleys full of colorful houses opening up to picturesque squares.  A one euro ice cream cone in front of the cathedral, or a beer at a biergarten were a perfect choice on a warm evening. 

While studying abroad when you're already an international student does provide an added layer of complication, it was definitely worth the effort.  The international offices both here and there worked with us through the entire process, making potentially complicated situations, such as housing, easy to navigate.  If you're considering the double degree option, go for it.  It's a choice I think you'll be glad you made.