Muhammad Fadlian Amhar, Indonesia
Q: What is your name?
Muhammad Fadlian Amhar
Q: Where are you from?
Q: Why did you decide to pursue the LLEES programme at UTU?
To broaden my view of education field of study and expertise, I chose this programme. Also, the LLEES curriculum gives the access to see a complete view of education in Finland, particularly in the city of Turku. It just fits my personality when I watched the video about this campus, and Finland’s natural environment.
Q: What is your favorite aspect of the programme?
I would say independence to study is essential and broad study opportunities within, including scholarships. The international environment teaches me a lot about studying in different circumstances by interacting with very different cultures, and how I myself independently decide what to react to this situation. I see it is important as a simulation to international carrier and process of maturing myself. We are taught to be more responsible for our actions.
Q: What is your research about?
Study of ICT Policy Implementation in Education
Q: How do you think your degree will help you in the future?
Although it is a totally different situation here than in my home country, I would like to see the education field in a wider scope, so I can study how to respond to challenges in education. Hopefully, having a Master of Arts in Education can lead me to activate my whole senses and practice, especially in educational management while at the same time I maximize potentials from inside and outside of myself.
Q: What would you say to someone considering studying at UTU?
"Chin up!" It is illogical to be hesitant to show your true self as an international student. It is because even though you are standing among hundreds or thousands of UTU applicants, once you stay being your-better-self and effectively utilize your prior experience, you can survive especially when you have wonderful colleagues. Realizing that UTU offers a friendly academic environment and support and also presence of opportunities, I can say that you should also try to pursue the scholarship as well. As the founding father of Indonesia has said, we should dream as high as the sky because we will still be among the stars even if we fall. See you soon!