Research collaboration

The CELE is regularly in touch with its national and international network of research co-operation partners.

National collaboration 

The centre is a network of academics including a great number of researchers from several departments of the University of Turku and partners from Brahea Development.  CELE  has got wide cooperation networks also with researchers from other Finnish universities, especially with Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Tampere and the university of Eastern Finland. As a part of the profile streamlining, CELE will, according to it´s main research fields, deepen its collaboration with the Finnish Institute for Educational Research at the University of Jyväskylä and the Behavioral Department of Helsinki University.

The research centre leads and coordinates The Finnish Multisiciplinary Doctoral Training Network on Educational Sciences (FinEd). In addition, the centre is involved in the Master´s Degree Programme in Sociology and Politics of Education (KSP) as well as in the Finnish Youth Research Society (YUNET). 

CELE is strongly involved in developing an interdisciplinary consortium of Social Behaviour and Welfare Research (SBWR). SBWR’s goal is to strengthen multidisciplinary research in the Universities and Polytechnics of Turku in the fields of learning and education, welfare and health and services related to them, exclusion and poverty as well as economy and consumption. There is a plan for a common welfare research postgraduate program, where students' counselling will be organised across the disciplinary boundaries in order to strengthen SBWR´s position internationally in the future.

International collaboration 

During 2015- 2018, CELE will continue doing close research cooperation with the universities of Aalborg, Belfast, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Gothenburg, London, Melbourne, Munich, Oslo, Oxford, Science Po in Paris, Reykjavik, Santiago de Chile, Sheffield, Stockholm, Tallinn, Umeå, Uppsala, Valencia, Waikaton and Wisconsin-Madison. Making new contacts and agreements for the future is also promoted. The Visiting Professor policy has also been beneficial to the department and increased internationalisation.

CELE has been appointed in 2013 as part of Nordic Centre of Excellence in Education for Tomorrow (NordForsk), that is co-ordinated by Department of Education oat the University of Helsinki. There are research partners from all Nordic countries and four other countries from allover the world. CELE is a part of research group for Politics & Governance in Justice through Education, that is directed by Professor Hannu Simola from the University of Helsinki and co-directors Professor Risto Rinne from the University Turku and Professor Peter Dahler-Larsen from the University of South-Denmark.