Core fields of research 2015-2018

CELE focuses on comparative education and educational policies mainly in the following research fields: 
International comparative research on the supranational and national education trajectories in Europe, Oceania, South America and Asia. This involves the life course perspective on unequal access into and throughout education, strategies of coping with education and social support and relevance about subjective and economic relevance of education. It also involves the comparative research on school choice policies and parental choice in education.

Comparative research on higher education policies and changing functions and positions of university institutions in different continents. This research includes the formation of the enterprise university and the changing relationship of the state and market in steering the university development as well as the autonomy of university, the access to university and employment of academic work force.

Comparative research on lifelong learning as one of the flagships of modern educational policies and especially the role of supranational organisations and OECD and EU in promoting the ideology and reality of it on a global scale.


In recent years, CELE has been very successful in combining the interdisciplinary perspective in comparative research on education policy. In this area, CELE is focused on analyzing educational policies in a global policy space, on mediation of transnational policies and on the role of global agencies.