​The goal of the research conducted in the department contributes to solving of the educational challenges of future school, children and youth. The integrative main research themes of the department are:

  • Future scientific and mathematical thinking in the digitalized world
  • Education integrating art, craft, design and technology
  • Multiculturalism, equity, and societal change
  • Well-being, participation, and avoidance of marginalization

From the point of view of societal development, important topics of research on learning and teaching are the equity of teaching and learning processes, human rights and democracy education and the pedagogical challenges of the increasing cultural diversity of the classrooms.

Additionally, the department conducts research on other fields, which are connected to its educational programs, such as research on teacher education, higher education, and subject didactics of different school subjects.

The topics of interest on the field are multidisciplinary by nature and many of the questions can be solved only with interdisciplinary cooperation. This is based on good collaboration with for example educational psychology, cognitive neuroscience and social sciences.

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