Professor Pentti Malaska

Pentti Malaska was appointed Professor of Statistics and Mathematics at the Turku School of Economics in 1966. His dissertation topic was related to energy production. Issues related to nuclear energy became an important part of his expertise and critical research. Pentti Malaska’s life-long interest, however, was futures research. He was elected as the first Finnish member to the Club of Rome in the 1970s, and he created contacts and long-term friendships with a number of significant experts from different countries. Through this network, a groundbreaking idea came to Professor Malaska; futures research has the potential to find new kinds of procedures and decision-making models, providing alternative solutions to complex problems in the rapidly changing and globalising world.

Pentti Malaska was the founder of the Finnish Society for Futures Studies. He acted as its first long-term President and, later, Honorary Member. The work of the society, as well as Malaska’s long-term personal efforts and commitment, gradually developed Finland’s futures research into its internationally high level today.

As recognition for his outstanding work, Malaska was elected Secretary General of the World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF), and later the President of the WFSF during 1994–1997.

As futures research gained a firmer scientific footing amongst other sciences, the Finland Futures Research Centre was founded in 1992 as an auxiliary unit at the Turku School of Economics, with Malaska as its director. Malaska kept his post until his retirement at the end of 1997.

Pentti Malaska was by nature a Socratic thinker who enjoyed intellectual dialogue. He was an easily enthused and warm-hearted person. Working with him was extremely rewarding. He is remembered fondly and will be dearly missed.


Professors Paavo Okko, Pentti Malaska, Tapio Reponen and Ilkka Virtanen
 celebrating 10-year-old Finland Futures Research Centre on 13 September 2002.










* 11.4.1934, Käkisalmi, Finland
† 15.3.2012, Helsinki, Finland

Professor, Doctor of Technology

Academic Education:
Doctor of Technology, Helsinki
University of Technology, 1965
MS in Technology (el. power
engineering), Helsinki University 
of Technology, 1958

Language skills
Finnish, English, Swedish, 

Married to
Karin Holstius, Professor (since 1987-)

Heikki, 1955, innovator, service developer
Tiina, 1958, physiotherapist, entrepeneur

Ensio Malaska, 1908 †, entrepeneur
Kerttu Malaska os. Lastikka, 1908 †, midwife

Lieutenant (res), 1978

Reading, research, internet-discussions