Katriina Siivonen



Ph.D., Adjunct Professor
Vice Director of the FFRC, Senior Lecturer

Tel. +358 50 322 8015



Since the late 1990s, I have focused on the development of cultural sustainability research. This theme covers in my work currently the research and advancement of the well-being of human beings and nature through understanding of alternative futures and participatory transformation of culture towards alternative futures. As a theoretical background I have critical futures research and critical cultural heritage studies, semiotic theory of culture, and as methods ethnography and qualitative, participatory futures research. In my research, I have a strong emphasizing in research in maritime areas.

Currently I’m leading at FFRC four research themes together with respective research networks. These themes are connected with my supervision of both Master’s Thesis, Doctoral Thesis, and Post-Doctoral Research as well with my domestic and international research networks. All of these themes has a strong connection with my research profile. The themes are following:

1. Heritage Futures and Futures Museum for sustainable development (maritime emphasizing)

A team for developing participatory transformation of everyday culture towards sustainable development with cultural heritage and heritage futures as instruments. In activities under this theme we have developed both theoretical questions, understanding of the substance and relevant societal networks. This development work is based on my long experience in archipelago studies, heritage studies and cultural sustainability research and on my positions of trust in scientific societies and in the society. Currently we are developing research project proposals both with our international contacts and domestic partners. In Finland, we have been working on the project “New Museum of History in Turku” together with Turku Museum Centre, and participatory futures processes for our other Finnish partners: TAKO-network of 114 Finnish museums, and the project Artsequal funded by Academy of Finland, SRC.

2. Ground and Growth (maritime emphasizing)

A network for co-creation of knowledge, visions and future directions for sustainable agriculture. I established the Ground and Growth network together with Prof. Kristina Lindström at University of Helsinki in 2014. We participated in the Helsinki Challenge competition in 2015. After the competition we have continued as a research network. Partners in the network are University of Turku (FFRC), University of Helsinki and Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE).

3. Futures of migration

The purpose of the theme is to strengthen migrations studies in futures research with my background as a researcher of ethnicities and identities. Our team belongs to the Argumenta Networking project “Century of migrations” led by Director Tuomas Martikainen at Institute of Migration, Turku, Finland.

4. Empowerment of young people

A team for developing young people’s abilities of futures thinking. The team has been working on research proposals in my leadership.