Tuomas Kuhmonen

Research Director
Ph.D. (Bus.Adm. & Econ.), M.Sc. (Agr.Econ.)
Adjunct Professor (University of Eastern Finland)

Tel. +358 50 591 1959

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Core Competencies

  • Strategic choices: individual, organizational, social
  • Entrepreneurship; risk and uncertainty; innovations
  • Evolutionary thought about economic and organizational change
  • Rural and regional futures
  • Industrial policy; entrepreneurship policy; regional policy; rural policy; agricultural policy
  • Development strategies, programmes and projects
  • Quantitative research methods
  • Philosophy of science

Some of the Publications

  • Kuhmonen, Tuomas – Kuhmonen, Irene & Luoto, Liisa. 2016. How do rural areas profile in the futures dreams by the Finnish Youth? Journal of Rural Studies 44 (April), 89–100.​
  • Kuhmonen, T. 2010. Metatheory of Small Firm Performance and Entrepreneurship. Academic Dissertation. Research Report 4. Fin-Auguuri Oy, Vesanto.
  • Kansikas, J. & Kuhmonen, T. 2008 (co-authored). Family Business Succession: Evolutionary Economics Approach. Journal of Enterprising Culture 16 (3), 279-298.
  • Cooper, T., Baldock, D., Rayment, M., Kuhmonen, T., Terluin, I., Swales, V., Poux, X., Zakeossian, D. & Farmer, M. 2006. An Evaluation of the Less Favoured Area Measure in the 25 Member States of the European Union. A report by the Institute for European Environmental Policy for DG Agriculture, European Commission. November 2006. London.
  • Esposti, R., Godeschalk, F. E., Kuhmonen, T., Post, J. H., Sotte, F. & Terluin, I. J. 2000. Statistical Analysis of Employment Growth in Rural Regions of the EU, 1980-1995. In Post, J. & Terluin, I. (eds.) Employment Dynamics in Rural Europe. CABI Publishing. Wallingford, Oxon, 39-58.
  • Kuhmonen, T. 1994. The agri-environmental aid of the EU and its application in Finland. Research papers 2. Finnish Regional Research FAR. Sonkajärvi.
  • Kuhmonen, T. 1991. The consequences of the EC agricultural policy for Scandinavian agriculture - A Trade Approach. Onderzoekverslag 76. Landbouw-Economisch Instituut LEI-DLO, The Hague.






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