Access to Sustainable Energy for All

The  Access to Sustainable Energy for All project also aims at raising awareness among the European public about the importance of ensuring access to clean and sustainable energy for poorer people in developing countries and about the role of EU financing policies concerning this issue, thereby stimulating public debate and instigating initiatives to promote a shift in policies and practices. This is done by:

  • Researching and making accessible information about the challenges to the supply of sustainable energy to the poor.
  • Providing a platform through which Southern groups can showcase the range of existing energy technologies and socio-economic mechanisms that would give the poor access to clean and affordable energy.
  • Exploring new mechanisms that would finance or otherwise enable the exchange of sustainable technologies and other innovations that would meet the energy needs of the poor.
  • Stimulating public demand for sustainable policy changes and increasing the motivation among decision makers for EU policies at both national and EU levels towards greater support for a pro-poor sustainable energy approach that also addresses the climatic threats facing humanity.

The project will be implemented in nine EU countries by a consortium of seven European organizations cooperating closely with Southern partners.

The FFRC will contribute especially to the research and capacity building components of the project. One of the focus areas will be the Mekong Region’s energy development. In addition there will be a case study on Cuba’s recent energy reforms. The aim of the capacity building activities is to enhance critical literacy of future forecasts and to enable different actors to develop alternative energy scenarios.

The project is funded by EuropeAid and is carried out during 2011-2014.




 ​Further information:


Jyrki Luukkanen
Jarmo Vehmas
Joni Karjalainen

Finland Futures Research Centre 


The Mekong research group of the Finland Futures Research Centre.

 Project Report:

Käkönen, Mira -  Kaisti, Hanna & Luukkanen, Jyrki (2014) Energy Revolution in Cuba: Pioneering for the Future? FFRC eBooks 4/2014. Finland Futures Research Centre, University of Turku. 39 p.  ISBN 978-952-249-276-0.
Karjalainen, Joni - Käkönen, Mira - Luukkanen, Jyrki & Vehmas, Jarmo (2014)  Energy Models and Scenarios in the Era of Climate Change. Briefing Report.
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