Sustainable Climate Change and Energy Education Development, Higher Education Institutions Institutional Cooperation Instrument (HEI-ICI-SUCCEED)

The purpose of the HEI ICI project is to enhance and promote climate change and renewable energy education, research, and development at partner universities through the training of trainers, curriculum development, development of research skills, project management and networking.

The project partners are:

  • National University of Laos, Lao P.D.R. (NUOL)
  • Institute of Technology of Cambodia, Cambodia (ITC)
  • Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia (RUPP)
  • Yangon Technological University, Myanmar (YTU)

The project has four Result Areas that are:

1) Improved skills of teaching staff to ensure successful implementation of climate change and renewable energy education in energy and environmental degree programmes
2) Improved research and pedagogical skills of partner universities teaching staff
3) Improved research facilities at NUOL, ITC, RUPP and YTU
4) Promotion of networking and cooperation with national and international institutions and stakeholders

The project is funded by the Higher Education Institutions Institutional Cooperation Instrument (HEI ICI) of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. The project duration is three years from 2013 to 2015.




 Further information:


​Jyrki Luukkanen, Project leader
Visa Tuominen
Mika Korkeakoski
Faith Mavengere 


Sustainable Development Futures​ (SDF) Research Group conducts energy and climate research and designs and implements capacity-building in the developing regions of the world.