Futures of Education

Ongoing Projects: 

Development of Energy Education in the Mekong Area (DEEM), European Commission: 2016–2020

Futures Images of Young People in 2067, City of Hämeenlinna and Alli Paasikivi Foundation: 2015–2017

Futures Images of Working Life as Seen by Young Women (OMASI), European Social Fund: 2015–2017

Get Another Life (UTUA), European Social Fund: 2015–2017

Paths to the Future (OSATA), European Social Fund: 2016–2019

UNESCO Chair in Learning Society and Futures of Education: 2016–


​Our core research areas:

 Information technology,
communication technology
and future of ubiquitous society

Learning, teaching and
know-how in the future

Future of the work



 Further information:

Leena Jokinen
Education Manager
tel. +358 40 707 7982