Great Electrification in Peer-to-Peer Society (SÄVÄYS)

​The aim of the Great Electrification in Peer-to-Peer Society (SÄVÄYS) science communication project is to describe the on-going rise of renewable energy, in particular solar and wind energy. The project describes a future society of emissions-free energy production where the energy system is almost entirely electrified and citizens act as energy producers. Citizens upload their surplus energy into the smart grid and download energy when needed. Low-cost energy, cheap and renewable  raw materials, artificial intelligences, platforms that match supply and demand (of products, services and workforce) and digital manufacturing devices such as sophisticated 3D printing emancipate ordinary citizens to become responsible producers.

The transformation of the energy system aligns with the principles of a Peer-to-Peer Society. Peer-to-peer practices are based on the active participation and self-organising practices of citizens. Citizens share knowledge, skills, co-create, and form new peer groups. Citizens will use their capabilities also to develop energy related products and services. The research data were collected in the Neo-Carbon Energy research project (2014–2017), funded by Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation.

The project advances in three workflows, characterized by future-orientedness and futures consciousness:

  1. An interactive Science Book, written in Finnish, presents the key research findings in a clear and concise manner (to be published later in English as well)
  2. Through stakeholder engagement, the key messages will inform strategies for the transition of the Electricity Sector, contributing to the efforts to reach a Carbon-Neutral Circular Economy
  3. Futures-oriented learning materials will be tailored for high schools,
    universities of applied sciences and universities in Finland

The project is funded by STEK ry, Sitra and the University of Turku during 2018.



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​Sirkka Heinonen
Joni Karjalainen

Finland Futures Research Centre



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​Karjalainen, Joni – Heinonen, Sirkka – Balcom Raleigh, Nicolas – Salminen, Hazel & Shaw, Morgan  (2018) New Great Electrification as Cultural Transformation for Post-Oil Era – Everybody on Board! NEO-CARBON ENERGY WP1 Working Paper 1/2018, 49 p