Building Knowledge and Skills in a Visionary and Futures-oriented Approach

The FFRC trains futures-oriented experts by providing academic education for both under-graduate and postgraduate students.

Futures Studies is a Major subject at the Turku School of Economics, University of Turku, consisting of an international Master’s Degree Programme in Futures Studies (120 ECTS credits) and post-graduate studies. The studies are designed to educate futures research experts to become competent to choose from various methods when facing particular development challenges. The students receive a versatile toolkit to implement foresight thinking for the benefit of a given organisation.

The FFRC also offers a multidisciplinary Sustainable Development Study Module for the students of the University of Turku.

Finland Futures Academy (FFA), coordinated by the FFRC, is a national network of universities providing and promoting academic futures studies education in Finland. The FFA’s Minor of 25 ECTS is offered by its member universities throughout Finland.

The FFRC is actively engaged in Education Export providing customer organisations with educational solutions based on the FFRC’s expertise.





 Studies in Figures:


Master’s Programme intake
annually: 20

Doctoral Candidates 2015: 15

FFA’s Minors annually: 150

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