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Prenatal and Early Life Stress - Implications for Later Childhood Development and Health

Hasse Karlsson
Professor of Integrative Neuroscience and Psychiatry
PI of the FinnBrain Birth Cohort Study
University of Turku, Finland

Dear colleagues,

Increasing evidence is showing that both prenatal and early postnatal stress is related to a wide variety of child outcomes. The effects are believed to stem from brain changes to personality development and later health.  To gain greater understanding of this topic we started planning a new birth cohort in Turku, Finland ten years ago.  The first subjects were recruited to the Cohort in 2011, preceded by a pilot study in 2010. In order now to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the FinnBrain Birth Cohort we are organizing an international congress on this topic. We have invited several international well-known researchers who have been working with us as key-note speakers. Additionally, many FinnBrain researchers will present exciting new findings from their studies.

Turku is the oldest university town in Finland since the establishment of the Academy of Turku in 1640 and the former capital of Finland, a fascinating combination of both old and new. Today Turku is a gateway of tourism, culture, modern ideas and research between Finland and the rest of Europe.

The time of the congress is usually a pleasant season in Southwest Finland with plenty of sunshine and about 20 hours of daylight. The city has grown on the banks of the river Aura. At summertime the riversides form a common living room for everyone to share. Along the river are located the old centre, harbour and many of the attractions such as the cathedral and the castle as well as several hotels, cafes and restaurants. Turku is also known for it's beautiful archipelago.

The congress venue is in the newly renovated Ruissalo shipyard, which has been one of the most famous locations in Turku for all kinds of festivities. During spring 2018, a new conference and banquet hall, The Lindblom Hall, was opened right on the western shore of the shipyard. This will be the congress venue.

I warmly welcome you to the unique Turku archipelago atmosphere in June 2019 to learn more about the effects of early stress exposure, to network with other researchers and to have fun!


 Content Editor