Research & Academic Services

​Research and Specialist Services

You may inquire the Faculty's availability to give statements, lectures, and interviews, produce articles, or to participate in different types of projects. Our staff may also be invited to debates and discussions on TV and radio, or to give specialist insight to feature pieces. They may also be commissioned for articles, lectures, statements and invited to interviews. Please contact the units directly to reach the personnel.

The HEI Partner services provide help to start a collaboration with Higher Education Institutions in the Turku area. You may also contact the departments and inquire about cooperation prospects.

Student collaboration

Companies and communities may commission students to do research or reports as their MA thesis, or hire an intern to a project. The students have the most recent knowledge and know-how on their field of specialization, and they bring new ideas and perspective to the table. However, the thesis supervisor must always be a staff member of the Faculty of Humanities. By hiring interns, you also have the opportunity of getting to know the future experts of your field.

Info for Commissioned Student Research

  • The MA thesis should be approximately 60-90 pages long. As it is the most demanding and long-term part of the studies, and its completion is likely to take from 6 months up to a year of full-time work.
  • The progress of the research should be inquired of the student occasionally.  Sometimes the completion of the thesis may be delayed for various reasons.
  • Discussions with the student will help in organizing the data, and encouragement is good for a young researcher's confidence.
  • The client should be prepared to be flexible and ready for extensions.

Acquiring a Project Intern

K&H Publishing

K&H Publishing is specialized in non-fiction and academic works. It operates under the Department of Cultural History, but provides customized publications also outside the university. Main areas of speciality of K&H Publishing is culture and history of southwestern Finland and Turku area, but also titles in other fields are published.

K&H Commissions

K&H Commissions is specialized in realizing different types of commissioned publishing projects. K&H Commissions offer professional skills for producing historical and cultural content and completing the graphic design of the project. Therefore, K&H can handle the whole process from the preliminary stages all the way to publication.
K&H Commissions is experienced in editing commissioned chronicles for enterprises, and in addition has expertise in various other fields of history and society. K&H Commissions can help with writing and publishing the chronicles of companies, municipalities, associations or any other community. Please, contact the K&H Commissions to plan a customized project.

UTUkirjat Publishing

UTUkirjat is a publication series by the Arts Subjects of the School of History, Culture and Arts Studies. It produces monographs, article collections and textbooks, mainly in Finnish.